Charlie Sheen's Madam Speaks Out

February 2, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen's Madam Speaks Out

Charlie Sheen doesn't just have a thing for drugs and porn stars--he's totally into hookers too. Same thing, right?

Charlie's madam "Felony" wants her 15 minutes too is speaking out about his insatiable desire for hookers telling Radaronline, "I have gotten him hundreds of girls over the years."

Charlie would even have the escorts tell security at his swanky Mulholland gated community a kinky password -- 'Lick my lollipop!' -- in order to be granted access to his estate. That's some nasty shit!

"Sometimes he would say, 'Chocolate Whip Cream!' or 'Lick My Lollipop!'... then the security guard would know that it was legit," 'Felony' revealed, to Radar.

"He likes a lot (of women)... he doesn't just like one (at a time)," 'Felony' added. Yeah, no shit! He had 5 porn stars with him during his alleged 36-hour drug binge.

This guy is such a mess and he'll never change--rehab or not. 3 months of rehab at home is just a cover up to do some damage control. If he doesn't think he has a problem, he's not going to make an attempt to get clean--plain and simple.