Charlie Sheen's Latest Rant!

March 8, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen's Latest Rant!

This is just getting sad! Charlie Sheen posted another video on Ustream and he looks like shit. That’s the nicest possible way I could put it.

He posted the new video just hours after he was fired from his Two and a Half Men, but he did not mention the firing at all.

It was actually a telephone conversation that he recorded with his "Tweetmaster" Bob Maron or I like to call him, "Bobnabler." While Charlie is having a mental breakdown, Bob says "life's loving you." Charlie responds, "What’s not to love, it's my life…WINNING!" Clearly they are both in denial.

Although Charlie believes he's in the "cyber pocket of greatness,” he's clearly having a mental breakdown.

He should really consider hiring a makeup artist while recording these Ustream rants because his saggy/drug face isn't doing him any justice. And while he's hiring people, he might want to consider a lighting technician because the brightness is adding an additional 10 years to his life.

In the video below, Charlie mentions how he wants to reach out to the founder of Amazon to sell his book, Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life. Charlie mentions that he wants to sell his book through Amazon and Kindle to "save a bunch of trees."

He added, "They give me oxygen...we love trees, let's keep as many as we can and marry a tree, marriage for me didn’t work so I am just going to marry a tree.”

The "tree talk" may be the booze talking, since he was drinking a "secret elixir" while recording. Charlie mentions that he wouldn't name the label because he doesn't get paid for it.

You can watch his latest video below:

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