Charlie Sheen's Goddess: He Couldn't Satisfy Me

July 21, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen's Goddess: He Couldn't Satisfy Me

Who’s winning now? Charlie Sheen is officially unemployed, running out of money and single. Now that his goddesses have left him, they’re more than happy to talk to the press about their um…interesting relationship.

Bree Olsen was Charlie’s porn star goddess. She was the first of the two goddesses to leave him and now that her 15 minutes are almost up, she’s talking to the press about why she left Charlie.

Bree – who broke up with Charlie April - said: "Charlie was a two-a-day kind of guy. I'm insatiable when it comes to my sexual appetite - and I wasn't used to having to share.

"Charlie would try to keep up - but it was tough. I can just about get by on one-a-day - but would be happier having it 19 times a day."

Bree also admits one of the main reasons she left Charlie was because she found it hard sharing him with Natalie, the second goddess, because she was always "fighting for attention".

In an interview with The Sun she added: "Sometimes he'd do it once with me and once with her. Sometimes he would want both of the times to be with me - and when Natty found out she'd get upset.

"I was sleeping in the main bed with Charlie and for the first week or two she would get really upset. So I volunteered to sleep in the second bed for a bit to give them a chance."

In Charlie's defense, it must be nearly impossible to satisfy someone who fu*ks on tape for a living--all day long. But that’s what happens when you pick your girlfriends out of porn flicks. Stick to picking them out of S.I. catalogues like regular celebrities and you’ll be fine. Or hookers. They seem more appreciative of you Charlie boy.