Charlie Sheen Will Retire After 'Anger Management'

June 19, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen Will Retire After 'Anger Management'

The man who introduced tiger blood into pop culture is back.

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management is on the horizon. After all the drama surrounding his removal from the CBS series Two and a Half Men, it’s easy to see why so many people are anxiously awaiting his new material to come.

But the actor recently opened up to the New York Times about how the new series will be his final project in order to spend more time with his kids.

“When I’m done with this business it’s just going to be about soccer games and amusement parks,” he said. “And when this ends, I’m done. This is my swan song.”

The series is loosely based on 2003’s film of the same title starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.

During the height of the Two and a Half Men drama, Mark Burg, Charlie’s manager, was putting together a plan similar to the Tyler Perry model. The idea was for Charlie to do a lot of material quick, and then jump ship. At that time, Lionsgate came to him with this juicy idea of adapting the film to a series format.

Charlie’s experience in actual anger management certainly played a role in decision to take on the challenge. Though he found his treatment completely unfruitful, Sheen describes the series as redefining point to his career.

“[‘Two and a Half Men’] wasn’t meant to be my legacy. This is,” he said.

Though the actor insists that he was not fired but “traded” from Two and a Half Men, he does admit that having a new show already is shear luck.

“To have a show put together, not only this fast, but a show that’s this good, it just doesn’t happen,” he said.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding his last series, Charlie promises there’s no hard feelings with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and that he even plans to write him a letter to tell him so.

And what Charlie Sheen interview would be complete without addressing his sobriety? For the actor, A.A. is not for everyone…

“A.A. is a place that some pass through and others wind up, sorry. It was written by a drunk who was a plagiarist and took acid and [had sex with] everybody’s wife.”

Oh, Charlie… Some things will never change. Anger Management premieres July 5th on FX at 9/8c.