Charlie Sheen: Why I Spend Money on Hookers

April 4, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen: Why I Spend Money on Hookers

Charlie Sheen used to be the guy that was the highest paid actor on TV. Now he's the bipolar guy that spends too much money on booze, drugs and hookers.

But apparently he has a fantastic reason for the hookers part--he “ran out of things to buy.”

Charlie's love of hookers started in the 90's when he became one of Heidi Fleiss' best customers, and over the years it became a dirty habit he just couldn't get rid of.

When asked at his stage show in Chicago Sunday night why he paid for sex he replied, "Because I had millions to blow. I ran out of things to buy." Classy.

Call me crazy but instead of snorting the money or paying for hookers he can always donate a few million to charities that can use the money. Just a thought Charlie.

But of course a night with Charlie wouldn't be complete without him either bashing an ex or an ex employer. He complained about his ex wives cleaning out his bank accounts and called Brooke a “kidnapper b***h”.

When it comes to the mother of his children he has no problem publicly bashing them, but of course he had kind words for his girlfriends, the “goddesses” Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, saying "They have not disallowed me everything that makes me happy. Period. The end."

Overall his Chicago show wasn't as big of a disaster as Detroit, but brokers are still having a hard time selling tickets. Most of the shows are only half full and a bunch of people walked out of both the Detroit and Chicago show. Wake up Charlie, it's time to join the real world!