Charlie Sheen Wanted to Get "Hammered" With Piers Morgan

March 15, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Wanted to Get

Clearly partying with Charlie Sheen is a safety hazard, which is why Piers Morgan nearly ran for his life when Charlie suggested they "get hammered" together last month.

When Charlie agreed to an in-depth interview on Morgan's CNN show last month, he tried to convince Piers to go out partying with him after the show. And of course Piers was literally scared for his life--and his job.

In his column for Britain's Live magazine, Morgan writes, "What the viewers didn't see was what happened in the next commercial break. Charlie asked for a pen, scribbled on the test results and handed them to me. The message read, 'To Piers - let's get hammered. Love Charlie.'

Keep in mind this is the same interview where Charlie tried to convince the world he was stone cold sober. So much for that.

"I burst out laughing... When the show finished, Charlie hugged me again. (He said) 'Thanks, man - that was great. What are you doing now? Want to go out?'. My life flashed before me. A night loomed with Hollywood's biggest hellraiser and his 'goddesses'. But so did the almost certain end to my CNN career. So I went home and watched the show back on TV instead."

I can already see the headlines, 'CNN fires Piers Morgan After Porn Star Scandal Involving Charlie Sheen'. It's a good thing he stayed home.

Piers may have saved his own life by refusing Charlie's offer, but he also takes responsibility for Charlie joining Twitter. He added: "I asked Charlie if he was on Twitter. (He said) 'No, should I be?'. (I said) 'Definitely - you'd be huge on it, trust me.' (He said) 'Ok, maybe I'll start tomorrow.'"

24 hours later he had over a million followers and Piers still only has 445K. He should have asked Charlie to tweet his first tweet to him that would have gotten him an additional 100k followers.