Charlie Sheen Undergoing Major Therapy

February 9, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Undergoing Major Therapy

Charlie Sheen may have gotten good news in court yesterday, but he's got a long road of recovery ahead of him. According to reports, the actor wants to solve his relationship problems with wife Brooke Mueller for good.

A source tells the Chicago-Sun Times, “Charlie and Brooke already are going through intense marriage counseling and Charlie has been very religious about attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and serious anger management counseling."

And apparently Charlie is convinced that everything will eventually go back to normal. “He’s telling everyone that he is going to do everything he can to make it work — and last," says the insider.

And as we reported earlier today, Brooke’s attorney Yale Galanter makes it seem like everything is hunky dory with his client and her husband too. “I can tell you, Brooke very badly wanted to have contact with Charlie,” said Galanter.

“There are many children’s issues she wanted to communicate with him about. Brooke’s desire was to get the order modified so they could have contact and communicate because of their children. Judge Boyd was gracious enough to grant that and now Charlie and Brooke are on their way back to Los Angeles to continue their lives.”

We certainly hope the incident on Christmas was a huge wake-up call for both Brooke and Charlie! If they're so concerned with the well-being of their children, that's reason enough to change your ways.