Charlie Sheen Under Psychiatric Evaluation

October 26, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Under Psychiatric Evaluation

Charlie Sheen is currently under psychiatric evaluation!

After his antics last night, the authorities have decided to place him under evaluation. Ya know, because trashing a room at the Plaza and being caught wasted and naked isn’t exactly normal!!!

Charlie apparently told police he had been "out partying" before returning to his room later on with the "unidentified woman" – who is widely believed to have been an escort and was also said to be "unharmed".

Hooker Claims There Was Cocaine in Charlie Sheen's Room

Sheens’s rep has claims his client simply had an "allergic reaction" to medication, which is what spawned his outburst.

He told CNN: "Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication. He was taken to the hospital, where is expected to be released tomorrow."

Riiiiight. According to TMZ, the cops were this close to arresting him for disorderly conduct because he was giving them a hard time about going to the hospital. Sources say he finally agreed and therefore avoided arrest.

Charlie Sheen Causes $7000 in Hotel Damages

The lady friend who was with the actor in the room was reportedly so scared by his outbursts that she locked herself in the bathroom and called security.

And how’s this for irony—Charlie was just 8 days away from completing his probation in his Aspen domestic violence case, and the D.A. tells TMZ they're already aware of the New York incident.

More details to come!