Charlie Sheen Trying to Bail on Jail

June 16, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Trying to Bail on Jail

Charlie Sheen’s court hearing has been pushed back until July 12th, which has given him a little extra time to try and work out a new deal—preferably one that doesn’t include jail time.

We hear Sheen is working with his lawyers to try and come up with a new plea deal with no jail time, but he would accept probation time. The deal that was originally put into place involved 30 days behind bars, community service, and no probation.

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According to, the two main reasons Charlie wants the deal changed is because A. He can’t smoke in jail, and B. With Brooke Mueller going to rehab, he wants to be able to take care of his twin boys.

A source says, "Charlie realizes that any deal with jail time now means he can't smoke. He says he can't go without it. And Brooke is still not clean and needs rehab. That's got Charlie worried about the kids so now he's willing to take probation."

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The judge may just throw this out however, since Brooke insists she’s not going back to rehab. Her rep told Extra that she’s “receiving professional help in the area of stress management. By seeking proper guidance, she will be able to continue to resist returning to old behavior patterns. There is no shame in asking for help when it is called for. I have been informed she is doing well."

Another source says, "Other people took care of the kids when both Charlie and Brooke were in rehab at the same time. But this time Charlie says he wants to be there for them. And he simply can't deal without smoking so that clinches it."

Sheen seems like he’s getting a pretty sweet deal, even with the jail time. And when he gets out, he’ll be heading back to work and making tons of money. 30 days behind bars without smoking is such an easy sentence! He should quit his whining!