Charlie Sheen Trademarking Catchphrases

April 5, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Trademarking Catchphrases
Charlie Sheen is looking to trademark 22 of his infamous catchphrases, including “Adonis DNA”, “Vatican Assassin”, and his golden nugget: “Duh, Winning.”

Just give them to him, we don't need them anymore! At this point, all of those sayings are as played out as Austin Powers impressions. The minute someone gets the idea to put a catchphrase on a T-shirt, it’s already a little old. The minute my dad starts quoting them, it’s time to stop.

Hyro-Gliff, a company tied to the actor, filed trademark applications for the following phrases, among others: tiger blood; rock star from mars; I’m not bipolar; I’m bi-winning; sober valley lodge; my violent torpedo of truth; defeat is not an option. Sheen is holding off on any marketing plans with these until he finds out whether he’s successful.

Well, I guess we might as well squeeze them all out while they’re free:

I’m duh, winning with my Adonis DNA at sober valley lodge, hanging out with a rock star from mars and building a violent torpedo of truth.

There, that should hold you over.