Charlie Sheen to Return to Work as Usual

December 30, 2009 By:
Charlie Sheen to Return to Work as Usual

Charlie Sheen isn’t letting a little knife incident get in the way of work! The Two And A Half Men star has one of the top shows on television, and he’d like to keep it that way! Sources say Sheen will be back on the set of the hit CBS show on January 4th. A source close to the production tells People,"We'll assume that Charlie Sheen will definitely be there. We don't expect this to [affect the show]."

We suppose this isn’t surprising seeing as though Sheen denies he pulled a knife on his wife Brooke Mueller. Plus, he not due in court until February 8th in Colorado. He has since returned to LA, while Brooke is still in Aspen with the couple's two 9-month-old sons.

Production sources also say they’re ready if and when Charlie gets charged for the incident.
"If he has to go to court on the 8th, it's only one day, and we can work around it," the source says.

CBS and production company Warner Bros. Television have no comment.

It’s pretty sad that a man can threaten his wife’s life with a weapon and walk right back into work two weeks later. Something is wrong with this picture!