Charlie Sheen to Make $7 Million From Violent Tour

March 18, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen to Make $7 Million From Violent Tour

So Charlie Sheen is winning again.

Thanks to a sweet deal with Live Nation, Charlie will make more than $7 million dollars from his Violent Torpedo tour. Can you believe that?!

The first two shows of "Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour sold out in just 18 minutes and additional cities were added in just days. Who would pay to listen to Charlie rant again? Just YouTube interviews of him from a couple of weeks ago.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie will get 85% of the profits from his 21 tour dates, with Live Nation getting the remaining 15%. Charlie's cut is projected to average between $250,000 - $275,000 for each show. It's still nowhere close to his TAHM salary, but hey, at least he's employed again.

And there's more ... Charlie will get additional $$$ for after-parties and merchandising with 200,000 pieces of merchandise already shipped out for the show.

The tour is pretty much Charlie doing comedy in a chair, so the overhead is minimal and since the shows are selling out off of Charlie's Twitter, there are no advertising costs.

Damn you Charlie, your crazy drunken ass is #winning again.