Charlie Sheen: They Need to Cancel Two and a Half Men

January 26, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen: They Need to Cancel Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen has obviously been sipping on the haterade post Two and a Half Men firing, he’s also been laying off the crack pipe because for the first time ever, he’s saying stuff that actually makes a lot of sense.

Charlie Sheen calls Two and a Half Men an awful show and that he could only tolerate being a “puppet” for show creator Chuck Lorre for so long and that they should axe the show all together because Ashton Kutcher and the cast “deserve” better.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Whoever these 10’s of thousands of people are that tune in every week to watch TAHM must be bribed or blindfolded, because I can’t wrap my head around the appeal of that show.

Anyways, Sheen sounds off on the show to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t want to harp on them. Let the clueless stay clueless. I was a puppet there for ratings. But whatever, I don’t care. I’ve moved on, and whatever they’re doing there is none of my business,” says Sheen.

That being said, he continues to “harp.”

“I don’t think it [TAHM] should go on past this year. I just think that people are there because there’s nowhere else to go. Yet,” says Sheen, “Hats off to Ashton for doing the best job that he can. I don’t think that he’s working with the best writing because [Lorre] is doing too many shows. He and [Jon Cryer] and [Angus T. Jones] deserve better material.”

Yeah, give Angus T. Jones some better writing to work with, the kid has it hard enough already with that name. C’mon parents, were you trying to get him bullied with a name like Angus?

Anyways, Sheen may be hating on his old show like an ex-boyfriend he can’t forget about but wants to bring up in conversation all the time, but Sheen says he’s definitely moved on. He says his new TV sitcom, “Anger Management” will be so much better than TAHM.

“Whatever, man, they’re doing their thing and I’m free from their bondage.”

As for his new show, “We will not disappoint. At this stage of the game, to deliver a turd? It’s not going to happen. It’s going to be an absolute f-cking rocket ship to the moon.”