Charlie Sheen Taking Torpedo Tour Overseas

May 6, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Taking Torpedo Tour Overseas

Two and a Half doesn’t want him and neither does America. So what’s next for Charlie Sheen? He's threatening to take his one man show global. Sorry Asia, he’s your problem now.

Despite poor ticket sales here in the states, Charlie is convinced that he'll be a huge success overseas and is planning on taking Europe and Asia by storm. Hey, as long as we get rid of him for a while, I'm game.

His 'My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Death Is Not An Option' got mixed reviews by North American audiences. And by mixed reviews I mean the drunks loved it and the sober ones wanted their money back.

Charlie announced that he'll be visiting fans overseas with stops in Europe and Asia telling Australian radio station Nova969:

"Why don't I take this thing on the road to Australia, parts of Europe, parts of Asia. If I pick out six cities over two weeks and if it wasn't about violent torpedoes and truth seeking but more about an evening with Charlie Sheen, if I told people what to expect, maybe they wouldn't heckle me like the drunk clowns that they are.

"It would seem like the European mentalities would give me a little more time and a little more patience to actually listen and embrace a format like that, where they come in knowing what to expect."

Good news is he promised to donate the proceeds from the overseas tour to Torpedoes Against Tornados Foundation. So at least he’ll be annoying for a good cause!