Charlie Sheen Suing Warner Bros. for Cast and Crew

March 10, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Suing Warner Bros. for Cast and Crew

Charlie Sheen has filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre, and he's now doing so on behalf of the cast and crew.

And his lawyer, Marty Singer, is nothing short of a genius. Because reading through the lawsuit, I actually started feeling sympathy for the same man who said, "I'll cut their throats."

According to TMZ, the lawsuit asks for $100 million in punitive damages and claims that Lorre made the decision to cancel the 8 episodes before Charlie began criticizing him.

The lawsuit also lists several shots Lorre has taken at Sheen's lifestyle, including the infamous vanity card that read, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm going to be pissed."

Singer and Sheen are familiar with Charlie Sheen's character in the show, right? The whole show is basically a mockery of his lifestyle. His character is named Charlie. So I don't know why they're suddenly surprised at Lorre making fun of him.

But interestingly, the suit states that Warner Bros. fired Charlie during a period of sickness, and that's in violation of California State Law.

If "sick" equals spouting off about how great you are, having the masses quote your every ridiculous word, and living in a mansion where you do nothing but Tweet all day, I really want to catch whatever it is Charlie Sheen has.

Ok, maybe not everything.