Charlie Sheen Still Spending Nights at Rehab

March 24, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Still Spending Nights at Rehab

Charlie Sheen may be back to work, but he's still not totally rehabilitated! The actor returned to the set of his hit show Two and a Half Men last week, but sources say he's been spending his nights at rehab.

“Charlie was in bad shape when he went in,” a source told Radar Online. And that's more than can be said for his wife Brooke Mueller! She's opted for "at-home" rehab rather than stay at a facility. Many medical experts think this is a bad idea considering her addiction to crack problem and alcohol.

In related news, Charlie is reportedly looking to hire lawyer Hal Haddon for his defense. He represented Kobe Bryant during his legal troubles, and apparently Charlie's main concern--besides prison--is getting custody of the kids.

A source says, “I wish Las Vegas would let me bet on it! There is no greater ‘sure thing’ then this thing ends in divorce – and soon!’”

We saw this coming, even before the incident over the holidays!