Charlie Sheen Still Loves Hookers

April 30, 2008 By:
Charlie Sheen Still Loves Hookers

Looks like Charlie Sheen's little prostitute problem found him again--did it ever leave? Nici, who manages a stable of prostitutes says Sheen has been a client of hers until last year. The girls don't come cheap either--some charge up to $25,000 a night.

"One day, according to Nici, the unthinkable happened: Charlie Sheen answered an ad. It was the Holy Grail of escorting, the Hollywood connection that can make or break a service," Vanessa Grigoriadis from Rolling Stone reports.

"When Nici dropped four girls off at his penthouse, she found the actor in silk pajamas with 'C. MaSheen' embroidered over the pocket. Sheen gave her a $20,000 check for the girls, and she picked them up several hours later."

Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, told the NY Post: "This is an old, old, old story. But, if you're looking for a really good story, I heard that Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe are getting a divorce."

Guess old habits die hard for Charlie!