Charlie Sheen Shoots Educational Video For At Risk Youth

February 22, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Shoots Educational Video For At Risk Youth

Because he now fancies himself a role model for substance abuse, Charlie Sheen took part in an educational video for at-risk kids in Westlake Village.

Here’s an idea: you don’t want to put kids at risk? Get them the hell away from Charlie Sheen. Because you can probably get a contact high from Charlie Sheen’s farts. He rips one and boom! you’re addicted to coke.

Sheen is good friends with Todd Zeile, retired Mets player and owner of the organization that filmed the video.

“Charlie spoke to the kids and was happy to pose for pictures with them,” Zeile told Radaronline. “We didn’t intend for this to be news.”

Either this guy is full of sh-t or he’s Amish. Because the only way he didn’t think something Charlie Sheen-related would be news is if he doesn’t own a TV, radio, or computer.

Zeile continues, “The kids were enamored by Charlie. They were beyond excited to have him there."

Yeah, the kid in the green hoodie looks especially excited. He’s probably thinking, “This jobless as*hole is swimming in money and women, and I had to go to juvey for smoking a joint.”