Charlie Sheen Sex Tape Exists!

February 3, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Sex Tape Exists!

We all know Charlie Sheen has a thing for porn stars and considers himself an expert on all things porn--but would he actually star in a tape himself?

Hollywood madam 'Felony', who looks more like a 'Cracked Out Bitch' tells Radaronline that Charlie has a sex tape!

Charlie Sheen Speaks!

"Charlie and I were having this great project and he was talking about performing in front of the camera. He goes, 'Let's call it Charlie's Devils!' Charlie's got the tape. I gave it to him afterwards. He was keeping it so he could practice."

During Charlie's 36-hour drug binge he had a bright idea to rent out a nearby mansion for $250,000 a month and have all his favorite porn stars live under one roof. Yup, a quarter mil a month just so his hookers porn stars have a place to call home.

Charlie Sheen's 911 Call Released

"He was getting jazzed about the whole project about starting his own line of porno," the madam added.

So what's Charlie into these days? "He likes fetish, spanking, role play, really kinky stuff. He likes a lot (of women). He doesn't just like one, he usually likes to be surrounded by women. I've got him hundreds of girls over the years. I would let him pay my ladies and then they'd pay me. Charlie takes very, very good care of me.”

Most celebs would be mortified if something like this got out about them, but Charlie probably has a smile from ear to ear right now. The boy loves porn and he loves hookers--some things will never change.