Charlie Sheen: Screw Rehab, Where's The Playboy Mansion?

August 9, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen: Screw Rehab, Where's The Playboy Mansion?

Charlie Sheen is really enjoying being somewhat a single man again. Well, technically he's still married, but that relationship is dunzo!

Charlie had one heck of a weekend as he hit up the Playboy Mansion to party it up with all those Playboy bunnies at Hugh Hefner's infamous Midsummer's Night Dream soiree on Saturday.

Charlie and his friend West Wing and Revenge Of The Nerds star Timothy Busfield hit up the party together and they seemed to be having a great time.

“Both were in a jovial mood,” an insider told “Charlie was accosted by a bevy of beauties and certainly was the center of attention among many of the Playmates; they were all over him,” the insider said.

Charlie had a lot to celebrate as he dodged jail time this week against the Christmas Day assault on his wife. Charlie was sentenced to 30-days in jail and he might not even go to rehab because he's already been there 93-days.

Charlie Sheen should just not get married anymore until he's 80. The guy loves the Playboy lifestyle too much so why does he even bother trying to be a good husband?