Charlie Sheen Ruined His Family's Christmas

December 29, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Ruined His Family's Christmas

Charlie Sheen is such a hot mess he can’t even be relied on to show up for Christmas. According to, Sheen spent the holiday weekend partying it up instead of being there for his family.

Sources say he missed three different family functions. "He skipped going to his brother Emilio's, didn't show up at Denise Richards' house and also skipped seeing his daughter Cassandra," says the insider.

"He's back partying again," adds the source. "Although it's tough to say he's back partying because he never really quit!"

Apparently Charlie didn’t even learn his lesson when he was caught with that escort at the Plaza. "He did a lot of cocaine that night,” says the source, adding that he hasn’t stopped since.

"He likes hookers and he likes coke and he's got enough money for both," the source adds.

"He's been having a great time partying like crazy for the past several weeks.”

He is such a sad man. The fact that he gets away with behavior like this over and over again and still makes shitloads of money is just pathetic.