Charlie Sheen Rehabbing at Home; Expert Weighs In

January 31, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Rehabbing at Home; Expert Weighs In

Let's get something clear--Charlie Sheen doesn't go to rehab, rehab comes to him!

If Charlie's camp is going to force him into rehab, he's simply going to do it at home, you know, where the hookers and blow are.

His camp is claiming that they wanted to make sure his rehab stint is as private as possible, but it's pretty obvious at this point that he's just being stubborn and thinks he’s just fine.

Blake LeVine, President and founder of Will Listen (A specialized community for people going through crises) tells Hollyscoop the problem with Charlie's is that he doesn't actually think he has a problem.

Dr. LeVine tells HS, "The problem with people that are facing addictions are that they don’t see the need [to go to rehab] or see the problem in their behavior.”

So will a three-month rehab stint at home be as effective as a facility? Not even close.

“It’s best to do rehab at a facility because you are taken out of the environment that you are in, you don’t have to deal with the friends and the people that are influential in getting you in trouble or even porn stars he’s been hanging out with,” said Dr. LeVine.

But there’s still hope for Charlie…if he’s willing to take the situation seriously. “He has enough resources, having coaches and people that are helping him to make it work, he has to be very serious and really plan on getting his life back on track.”

While Charlie’s camp tries to do some damage control, the cast and crew over at Two and a Half Men are reportedly furious with Charlie for his latest stint. While he’s on vacation in rehab, they’re on hiatus.

The crew is asking to be fully compensated while the show is on a break, but they’ll most likely only get partial pay. Clearly, it only pays to be the star of the show—everyone is S.O.L.