Charlie Sheen: Rehab? Who's Going to Rehab?

October 27, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen: Rehab? Who's Going to Rehab?

Charlie Sheen thinks rehab is for quitters, so he's just going to skip it altogether this time.

Charlie is back in LA after the whole 'trashed a hotel room after I got mad at my hooker' incident and he's ready to put the whole thing behind him.

Charlie Found Drunk and Naked With Hooker in Hotel Room

Instead of going to rehab again he's going to get back into work mode and prepare to start shooting scenes for "Two and a Half Men" next week.

According to TMZ, his plan in the next two days is to nail the 4 pages of dialogue for a small movie role he's doing for a friend then back to the set.

Sadly this isn't out of the ordinary for Charlie. Every time he gets caught with hookers, booze or drugs everyone just turns the cheek because it's Charlie Sheen, it's what he does!