Charlie Sheen Punk'd Us All

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Charlie Sheen Punk\'d Us All
Charlie Sheen continues to pretend that his meltdown has been a joke he’s been playing on the media.

"The thing leads off with a famous war quote from 1843 by J. Edgar Billets -- made it up! Made it up!” Sheen said in an interview with

“So all these talking heads, these little boxes and faces that scream at me... they attack me with venom and this vitriolic sense of hatred, and they've missed the fact that the opening was a bad joke on them.”

Ok, so he “tricked” the media into quoting him, and then he lost his job and his kids? This guy is the worst practical joker ever. The only thing he can do now is make a documentary about his downward spiral, and then say it’s fake, and then say it’s real, and then say it’s fake again.

"I put something out there and went here, look behind the hieroglyphic just for two seconds, I dare you," Sheen continued in the interview.

Hieroglyphic? Next he’s going to tell us the catchphrases from all of his rants are actually clues for finding the lost city of Atlantis, and not the ramblings of a cuckoo desperately trying to ignore the symptoms of a relapse.

Honestly, I don’t even remember what quote he’s talking about. Which leads me to believe he’s making up the fact that he made up a quote, and that this quote is the real joke. Which brings me to this conclusion: Charlie Sheen wrote Inception.

In response to the termination letter from Warner Bros., Sheen said, “I didn't read their silly words in their stupid letter.” He then crossed his arms angrily and said, “Hmmph!”

But really, Sheen doesn’t have time to read that letter. He’s far too busy coming up with large animals to compare himself to.
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