Charlie Sheen Prenup Shocker: Brooke Gets Squat!

May 4, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Prenup Shocker: Brooke Gets Squat!

Why on earth hasn’t Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from Brooke Mueller?! We assumed it was because he’s worth so much, and he didn’t want her getting half his money.

Gawker has details on the prenup agreement signed by Charlie and Brooke before their 2008 wedding, and we couldn’t believe the fine print!

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Confused About Divorce

If Brooke files for divorce from Charlie, here’s all she’ll reportedly walk away with:

* Wedding Payment: $500,000

* 2009 Anniversary Payments: $300,000

* 2010 Anniversary Payment, Pro-Rated: $275,000

* Aubrey Road Real Estate Share, Pro-Rated for Two Years and 11 Months: $2,356,000

* Relocation Fee: $100,000

* Car: For the sake of argument, let's assume it's a four-door 2009
Mercedes such as the one Charlie owned until February when it ended at the bottom of a cliff: $35,000

* Total: $3,566,000

Meanwhile, on paper, Sheen is worth around $16 million. While that may not sound like much for the highest paid TV actor in town, most of his assets are with the production of Two and a Half Men. He is entitled to 12 percent of the show's "adjusted gross income," which the prenup estimates "could exceed $75 million" over the life of the contract. At the time the prenup was executed, Warner Bros. had already advanced Sheen $12 million. And that figure was calculated before Sheen entered into contract renegotiations, which are currently ongoing.

Now we see why Sheen is trying to renegotiate his contract on the show to make more, and avoiding divorce papers with Brooke. He’s got to be just a little nervous about the possibility of Brooke getting more than just a few million out of this! He held a knife up to her throat for Pete’s sake!

This ought to be one dragged out process to come…