Charlie Sheen Pleads Not Guilty

March 15, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Pleads Not Guilty

It’s back to work for Charlie Sheen! The actor reportedly pleaded not guilty today on domestic violence charges. He’s reportedly heading right back to work on his sitcom Two and a Half Men, which he’s been on hiatus from since checking into rehab in February.

The show’s executive producer, Mark Burg released a statement saying, "Charlie is looking forward to going back to work for the final four episodes of Two and Half Men.He's also looking forward to clearing his name, putting all of this behind him and spending time with his kids during his hiatus."

So what’s up next for Charlie? While the state of his marriage with Brooke Mueller is still unknown, his professional life is getting back on track. His next hearing date is April 19, but he's not required to show in person.

A three-day trial is set beginning on July 21, but the case could end with a plea deal. Experts say Sheen could likely avoid jail time because he doesn’t have a record, and Brooke didn’t suffer serious physical injury.

Do you think Charlie deserves to get off without doing any time?