Charlie Sheen Plays Fast Food Manager in Music Video

July 8, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Plays Fast Food Manager in Music Video

Got a school project or something you need an actor for? I’m pretty sure Charlie Sheen is available.

Sheen has a role in the music video for Steak & Mash Potatoes, a song by hip-hop group Chain Swangaz. The video features Simon Rex and Brother Marquis, who you might remember from 2 Live Crew. And the song is pretty much Tootsie Roll all over again.

It opens with a typical fast food conundrum—one of the workers has shown his penis to a costumer.

“According to the authorities, a forty year old woman walked into my restaurant with her two children…and then you whipped your d*ck out in front of her!” Sheen’s character exclaims.

Jeffrey Ross, add this to your list of sh*t to cover at the Roast.

The rest of the video is a bunch of incoherent stuff about penises and then women in underwear giving blowjobs to the staff. So basically, Charlie Sheen just starred in a porno. It was only a matter of time.

Charlie agreed to be a part of the video as a favor. One can only imagine what Charlie Sheen needed that only these two could provide. And apparently, the video was shot over a year ago while Sheen was still on Two and a Half Men.