Charlie Sheen Pissed Lindsay Never Thanked Him for $100K

December 11, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen Pissed Lindsay Never Thanked Him for $100K


Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan isn’t as good at manners as she is at making headlines. 

With things as dramatic and highly-intense as ever in the life of the not-so-retired wild child Lindsay Lohan, her Scary Movie 5 costar Charlie Sheen is speaking up about his recent experience with her—Namely, his Santa Claus-esk handout.

According to Sheen, LiLo has yet to thank him for the $100,000 he gifted her last month to keep her out of tax trouble. The celebrity charity moment served as a down payment for the $233,904 that LiLo reportedly owes the IRS. 

The actor revealed the news during a recent sit-down with ET’s Chris Jacobs.

“I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you,’” said Sheen. “Anything, you know?”

Sheen, an expert himself on what it’s like to go through a bit of a downward spiral, assured the interviewer that Lindsay—albeit a little ungrateful—is a really sweet girl and it won’t be long before she’d be back on her feet.

“She just needs a little bit of time,” he added. “People need to give her time to get her s--t together.”

Sheen and Lohan share the screen together in a love scene/Paranormal Activity-spoof in the opening sequence of Scary Movie 5. It was a memorable experience for the “Anger Management” actor that he never expected to be talking about so soon.

“It was pretty interesting,” Sheen said, not trying to hold back a laugh. “For me, it’s al about the stories I can tell in 20 years. And this one was in 20 minutes.”

Charlie’s interview with Chris Jacobs airs tonight on ET. Check out a clip here!