Charlie Sheen Pays Wife to Go Away

May 3, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Pays Wife to Go Away

Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller are over, dunzo, done, finito. They're so over that Charlie is ready to cough up a ton of money just to get her out of his life.

Brooke reportedly moved out of their home last week and wants nothing to do with Charlie. Luckily for her Charlie doesn't want her in his life either, so he's going to throw a bunch of money at the situation and hope it goes away.

Charlie Says Adios to Brooke; Hello to Escorts

"Brooke has a prenuptial agreement that she’s not happy with and while she has threatened divorce previously, this time she’s finally had enough," reports Radaronline.

“It’s not everything she wanted. It’s not even close. But it’s enough,” the source added.

Why these two messes got married in the first place is beyond us. Charlie isn't husband material and Brooke's already been in and out of rehab almost a half a dozen times. We just hope those baby twins are being taken care of properly.