Charlie Sheen Passes Another Drug Test

March 22, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Passes Another Drug Test

Apparently the only thing Charlie Sheen is high on these days is life. Who knew?!

Charlie passed another drug test, and this time it was court ordered so you know there was no funny business.

According to TMZ, both Charlie and his crazy ex Brooke Mueller had to take drug tests on March 11 because of their custody battle, and believe it or not, Charlie was as clean as a whistle. No word yet on Brooke's results.

Thanks to his clean drug test, he can see his twin boys again. But with adult supervision a court appointed monitor.

Keep in mind that cocaine clears out of your system from 24-72 hours, so all he had to do was stay clean for a couple of days before the test. But either way, it looks like he's winning again. This guy is untouchable.