Charlie Sheen Out of the Picture--Literally

June 3, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Out of the Picture--Literally

They could’ve just cut and pasted Ashton’s face over it, but the folks at Warner Bros. decided to put up a giant, generic cover over the Two and a half Men poster on their studio wall.

The cover has the Men logo, along with the text “Returning This Fall.” I always found it odd that they left this poster up amidst all the Charlie Sheen drama.

Passing by, I would get a little sad looking at it, thinking about how brutal Hollywood can be—with the fate of the show being so uncertain while so many peoples’ jobs are relying on it.

Then I saw a homeless guy sleeping under the poster and it kind of put things into perspective.

In most recent Two and a Half Men news, CBS is expecting huge ratings with Ashton’s addition to the show.

Network CEO Les Moonves said on Thursday:
“We’re going to have a fun fall. It’s a good time to be us.”

The writers have not replaced Charlie’s character with Ashton; he’s been written in as a new character, so who knows where producers will take the show? I guess we’ll find out this fall. Meanwhile, execs have not nominated the show for this year’s Emmys.

A show source said,“It felt like the show wasn’t even worthy of being nominated for various reasons. Both Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros were consulted and in favor of the decision.”