Charlie Sheen Moves Out of Sober Valley Lodge

March 15, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Moves Out of Sober Valley Lodge

Rehab is over at Sober Valley Lodge. Charlie Sheen is moving out of his Mulholland Drive mansion.

A source tells, “There's a lot of memories in Charlie's current home, some good, some bad, so the new residence will give Charlie a chance to start afresh.”

Sometimes, when life gets crazy, you just have to leave it all behind and make a big move…right down the street. Sheen is moving within the same neighborhood, two doors down from Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller’s new best friend.

I feel sorry for the person who lives between Paris and Charlie. For some reason, I foresee a lot of midnight shouting matches.

The mansion is 9,000 square feet and includes six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as well as a library, butler’s pantry, outdoor bar, and heated veranda. So plenty of room for filming Sheen’s Korner, if it’s still in production.

Neighbors have been upset over the media infiltrating the neighborhood over the Charlie Sheen Meltdown. Between that and Paris Hilton’s reality show, they might as well turn Mulholland Estates into a studio.