Charlie Sheen Loses Round One Against Warner Bros.

June 15, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Loses Round One Against Warner Bros.

Not even famed legal pit bull Marty Singer could pull this one off. An LA judge ruled on Wednesday that Charlie Sheen's lawsuits against Warner Bros. will not go to trial.

Singer demanded a public trial, but the judge rules against it, saying the suits must be settled outside of court. Charlie Sheen vs. Warner Bros. TV and Charlie Sheen vs. Two and a Half Men must be settled in arbitration. In other words, the judge said, "don't waste my time with this Judge Judy sh-t".

Sheen was reportedly hoping to get the public on his side by releasing information during the trial. He's recently rumored to be in "deep negotiations" for a new network series, with an announcement to be made as early as the end of the week.

The character in the series is supposed to be written specifically for him, according to TMZ. I guess Sheen has given up on having an acting range that extends beyond egomaniac and crazy person.

Sheen's rep refused to comment, but during his meltdown, Sheen met with Fox, which is the only network likely to want to work with him. ABC, NBC, and, of course, CBS have made it apparent they want nothing to do with Sheen.