Charlie Sheen Jets Back to Vegas

January 17, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Jets Back to Vegas

Charlie Sheen just can’t get enough of Vegas!

After a massive bender last weekend, he decided to go BACK this past weekend! According to TMZ, Sheen flew back to Sin City for the weekend, but it seems like he was a little better behaved this time around.

He was spotted in the audience at Drew Carey’s improv show at the MGM. Carey tweeted: "Charlie Sheen just got on stage with us during our improv show at MGM in Vegas. Hilarious!"

Charlie Sheen Makes Charlie Harper Look Good

In related news, the porn star Charlie was hanging out with in Vegas last weekend Bree Olsen thinks there might be something “real” with Charlie. A friend of hers told the New York Post,

"She's definitely seen him many times, but she thinks there is more. She doesn't understand why he doesn't get serious with his girls.”

I’ll tell you why! Because he can’t stop cheating on his “serious” girlfriends and wives with porn stars like you, sweetie!