Charlie Sheen Isn't "Winning" Anymore

March 30, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen Isn't

I don’t know if you’ve seen Charlie Sheen lately, but he’s pretty normal now. It’s one year since he was a warlock with tiger blood and constantly talking off “winning.”

“They all talk about ‘tiger blood’ and ‘winning’ and everything. But no one talks about what I was so upset about,” says Sheen.

Actually, yeah, what was going on that made Sheen so crazy, aside from the drugs and the live-in prostitute stripper goddesses?

Oh also, Sheen was fired from his show “Two and a Half Men” and totally hated the shows creator Chuck Lorre.

“They just want to talk about the special effects of it all,” says Sheen, “I wont get into it now, but people need to review what started it all. The reason I stayed on it with such vitriol was one thing: No one is above common courtesy. It’s part of my code. Some people put themselves way above common professionalism.”

Uhhh, for someone who used to be crazy, he sure uses a lot of big words.

Oh well, Charlie is moving on and doing his highly anticipated new show “Anger Management.”

“The dialogue is really smart. I have a prison group on the show that is going to blow your mind,” syas Sheen.

Sheen tells us that the environment on his new show is so much better than working on TAHM, “I wanted to create an environment to work in that was what my dad [Martin Sheen] called a playground of the imagination, you know? So I didn’t have that for a long time. I was working in what I call the quagmire of oppression. I just knew that whole time that this process can be fun.”

Again, what’s with the big words, Sheen? Can we go back to winning?