Charlie Sheen is Desperate for Cash

March 9, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen is Desperate for Cash

You know how you go on vacation, spend money like a maniac, don't stop to check your accounts because "you're relaxing, dammit," and then get home and sh-t a brick because you're broke?

I think that's what's happening to Charlie Sheen right now. His little break from sanity is coming to an end and he realizes he's "cash poor", according to a source from Popeater.

"Every penny he has is tied up in property or business dealings," the insider tells Popeater. "Charlie has earned an enormous amount of money with this show, but he has also spent a fortune." Adonis DNA doesn't grow on trees.

Charlie is arguing that he has a "Michael J. Fox Clause" in his contract, which allows him to continue to be paid even if he has a replacement. So Charlie is hoping the show will continue, because that means he gets to be paid for doing nothing. Nothing except being a bitchin' rock star, that is.

In the meantime, Charlie is in deals to make T-shirts with his catchphrases and is also shopping an interview for $1 million. And I bet he could've made a few bucks selling one of his goddesses if he hadn't already branded her hoof.