Charlie Sheen is a No-Show on Set Today

January 12, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen is a No-Show on Set Today

Maybe Charlie Sheen’s hangover finally set in this morning. He was a no-show at work today on the set of Two and a Half Men claiming he was too sick to come in.

According to TMZ via, his rep claims he has an “ear infection.”

Charlie's Wild Weekend in Vegas With Jesse James' Ex

What is he, five?! What adult calls in for an ear infection?! Maybe it’s code word for STD. That’s probably more like it, seeing as though he was hanging out with trashy hoes all weekend, one of them being Michelle McGee!

Charlie Sheen's Vegas Bender Could Get Him Fired

Charlie reportedly woke up in severe pain, called the show producers, and said he needed to see a doctor immediately. The latest word is that he is still with the doctor, who diagnosed him with a "severe ear infection." He will be moving straight to the set as soon as he finished.

Bet the show execs are feeling pretty good about their decision to amp up his salary this year….