Charlie Sheen: I Wish Charlie Committed Suicide

May 6, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen: I Wish Charlie Committed Suicide

Would Charlie Harper really commit suicide? If Charlie Sheen had his way, then absolutely.

Chuck Lorre is going to reboot ‘Two and a Half Men’ without Charlie, and after unsuccessfully begging for his job back, Charlie is ready to let it go.

"It's nice to have closure with Two and a Half," Sheen told Access Hollywood.

"It's fine. I mean, 177 episodes, it was getting a little stale. I just didn't know it was going to rot and fall off the vine like this."
If anything, he was hoping Charlie’s last day on the show would have been a dramatic one.

"I feel bad for the fans because there was never that final episode where Alan, like, comes into my room calling my name and pulls back the closet door and there I am hanging, with a note saying, 'How do you like me now, Chuck?’”

Well he wasn’t completely off. It ended in career suicide.