Charlie Sheen Headed to Rehab; Facing Jail Time

December 28, 2009 By:
Charlie Sheen Headed to Rehab; Facing Jail Time

Charlie Sheen may be heading to rehab—for the third time! The troubled actor has made headlines for getting into an altercation with his wife Brooke Mueller, and we hear he’s considering rehab to save his image.

Sheen has been to rehab for drugs and alcohol twice, hospitalized for overdosing on cocaine and alcohol and talked openly about not drinking anymore.

So the question is, when did he decide to go back to his old habits? Charlie was reportedly drinking in the morning of the incident, and wife Brooke was heavily drinking that evening.

Sources tell Radaronline that both parties were up all night drinking. Now Charlie has a reported team of people working to rebuild his image and keep any further information on the down low.

Meanwhile, we hear Brooke is desperate to get out of the marriage but has been pressured by her husband’s people who say he’s in his last year of his contract on Two and a Half Men.

Charlie was able to resurrect his career during the 90s after going to rehab for drugs and alcohol. They’re now allegedly hoping a similar stint could be necessary again.

In related news, Sheen faces up to eight years in prison. Sources tell Radar he probably won’t be charged formally until his first court appearance next month.

Aspen Colorado's Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin, who is handling the case, says, "I don't plan on charging or doing anything with Mr. Sheen until close to his first court date on February 8th. Mr. Sheen is required to attend the first court hearing on February 8th."

We would not want to be that guy right now! What a mess!