Charlie Sheen Has a New Girlfriend

February 22, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Has a New Girlfriend

In his first call to the Dan Patrick show, Charlie Sheen mentioned he has a new girlfriend. I imagine this guy has so many women lying around his house, A&E could shoot an episode of Hoarders. So he probably flipped a sofa cushion, found one of them, and started calling her his girlfriend.

Sheen was photographed leaving an office building in Calabassas, CA kissing a blonde woman before they drove off together. The two were also reportedly holding hands.

Every picture I’ve seen of Charlie Sheen lately, he’s wearing a variation of this dumb hat. I can’t decide what he has more of—women or fedoras. What’s with the damn hats? I can only guess it’s because his hair falling out from all the chemicals in his body.

I don’t know who would date Charlie Sheen given his history, but whomever he’s dating his probably too young to remember any of it anyway. In fact, we all seemed to have forgotten his turbulent past with women. So as a reminder, here’s a Charlie Sheen Relationship Timeline.

-1990: Engaged to Kelly Preston. Ended because he accidentally shot her in the arm.

-1995: Married Donna Peele. Ended when Sheen was named in a list of Heidi Fleiss’ clients.

-2002: Married Denise Richards. Richards filed for divorce, claiming he threatened her with violence. After the divorce, he emailed her calling her a “sad, jobless pig.”

-2008: Married Brooke Mueller. Soon after, he was arrested for domestic violence.

So yeah. Just goes to show, if you’ve made a few mistakes in the past, it doesn’t mean you’ll never find love again. As long as you’re on a hit TV show and earning $1.8 million per episode.