Charlie Sheen Going to Have Star Studded Funeral on TAHM

August 6, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Going to Have Star Studded Funeral on TAHM

We already know that the first episode of Ashton Kutcher's debut in Two and a Half Men will be Charlie Harper's funeral, that the episode will unfold in two parts and that Ashton Kutcher is the billionaire who buys up Charlie's old pad.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the funeral episode will be a "full house" of celebrity guests. For more "Full House" puns, keep reading.

John Stamos is reportedly one the celeb guests to visit Harpers funeral. Stamos has never appeared on TAHM before, but his character will claim to have been very close with Charlie's character stating that the two crossed swords at some point in their lives.

Weird innuendos aside, Stamos' character is supposedly going to give a few raunchy last words revealing that he and Harper once three-way'd a chick together. I really hope there's a joke in his eulogy like, "Sorry I didn't go to Paris with you..except that one time we Eiffel Towered that red head! Heyo up top! This guy knows what I'm talking about."

John Stamos is doing all kinds of weird jobs lately. He's also appearing in a revival of the Broadway show, "Hairspray" with Nick Jonas and Drew Carey that debuts at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend.

Apparently all of Charlie's ex-girlfriends will be returning for the funeral episode. Now, I'm only a casual viewer of this show but it's been on for 8 Seasons and the premise of the show is that Charlie Harper is a slut, so how are they going to house ALL of Charlie's exes at the funeral? Bring in bleacher seating?

One of Harpers ex girls to appear at the funeral will be Jenny McCarthy who played a girl that broke up with Harper because she got bored of his bedroom behavior. So expect more raunchy eulogies from McCarthy as well.

Melanie Lynskey who played Charlie's stalker neighbor, left the show in 2007 but makes occasional guest appearances will also be at the funeral. She was last seen in the final episode with Charlie when they were going to Paris together.

Over the years, TAHM has attracted celeb cameos from the likes of Steven Tyler and even Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards. Also, Glee comedienne Jane Lynch played Jake's therapist for 12 episodes on the show. Fingers crossed that any of these former cast members make an appearance.

Sensing from the usual subject matter of TAHM, I wouldn't be surprised if the funeral episode ends up becoming a Charlie Sheen roast.