Charlie Sheen Gets New Sitcom, Not Totally Losing

June 27, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Gets New Sitcom, Not Totally Losing

Much like his Viagra-fueled penis, you can’t keep The Sheen down for too long.

Charlie Sheen has reportedly come to an agreement with Lionsgate for a new sitcom, and networks are now bidding on the show, with TBS as the frontrunner.

An insider, who is most likely Charlie Sheen doing his best “troll” impression, tells RadarOnline:
“Charlie has inked a deal with Lionsgate Television to create and star in a new sitcom. Charlie's character will be very similar to the one he played on Two And a Half Men, however the show will be a lot racier.”

Not that I won’t be watching, but haven’t we seen enough of this? Sounds like it’s just going to be more Charlie Sheen catchphrases and clichés, which we were drowning in for two months.

The insider continued: “Networks and cable are bidding on the show right now, with TBS being the front runner. TBS recently expanded their comedy division with the acquisition of The Conan O'Brien Show after his fall out with NBC. Plus cable makes more sense because it offers more creative freedom.”

Freedom, yes. Creative, I’m not so sure about. I’m guessing the show will be snippets of Charlie Sheen’s real life, peppered with cheeky references to his meltdown. I imagine his character’s dialogue will be something like, “Oh come on, I’m not a…warlock!” and then him smiling at the camera with a thumbs up.

"Lionsgate Television will produce the show. They have committed to ten episodes up front with the option to pick-up and produce 90 more episodes if the ratings prove to be successful,” the source explains. “This means the sitcom could be on TV for 8 years, which is a long time! It also means that Charlie will make more money than ever before!"

The “source” then yelled, “I’m rich again! I can replenish my prostitute fund!” before clearing his throat, excusing himself and continuing:

“It’s still a risk but the risk is worth it because so many people are interested in Charlie and his wacky life...they are bound to watch the show.”