Charlie Sheen Gets a Standing Ovation, Bashes Denise Richards

April 6, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Gets a Standing Ovation, Bashes Denise Richards

Okay so maybe the entire world doesn't hate Charlie Sheen after all.

Charlie not only rocked his Cleveland show--he got a stand ovation when he walked out on stage in an Indians jersey. Who are these people?!

His show was similar to the last couple of bad ones. He talked shit about the mother of his children, Denise Richards, and Two and a Half Men.

He led the audience into a "f*ck that bitch" chant against Denise branding her a "traitor", a "vile kidnapper” and a “dog thief”.
That's real classy Charlie. Your daughters are going to grow up and watch videos of you leading a crowd to say "F*ck that bitch" about their mother. Real classy.

He even talked about his dad Martin Sheen, but apparently his Dad is on his good side this week. He said: "How many 'Apocalypse Now' fans are here? Martin Sheen, ever hear of him ... he's the coolest guy on the planet."

Charlie also brought up TAHM saying: "How many 'Two and a Half Men' fans are here, and who wants to see me back on it? Do I want to be back on it? Well f**k yeah I do! I made them 5 billion!"

He later tweeted about his "epic" night before renting out a local movie theatre for his crew to enjoy a screening of his father’s cult film ‘Apocalypse Now’.

He wrote: “#fastball Thank you for an epic night an upper deck walk off game winner for all of us!! c (sic)”

Can someone make him go away? Anyone? So sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and his bipolar stage act. Are you as tired of hearing about him as I am?