Charlie Sheen Forced Into Plea Deal

May 3, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Forced Into Plea Deal

While Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s marriage seems to be heading in the direction of divorce, his future on Two and a Half Men still hangs in the balance.

According to TMZ, Charlie’s lawyers are working overtime deciding on whether to make a plea deal with prosecutors.

Charlie Sheen Pays Wife to Go Away

Apparently the reason for the plea deal push is because Sheen really wants to return to Two and a Half Men. With that paycheck, we would want to stay on too!

CBS will be announcing the fall lineup on May 19th, and apparently show execs are hesitant to bring back the show if it’s unclear whether or not Sheen will return.

Sources say Charlie will only return if it’s a full two more seasons. Hell, he could retire after that if they make a deal! Stay tuned for CBS’s decision later this month.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, neither side has gone back with a counteroffer. Charlie reportedly wanted $1.5 million per episode but WB offered him $1 million. They'll most likely settle for $1.3 million. He currently makes $825K an episode. Greedy greedy!