Charlie Sheen Drunk at a Taco Bell

July 16, 2014 By:
Charlie Sheen Drunk at a Taco Bell
Image By: RazzleApp

Everyone’s flipping out over this “Charlie Sheen WASTED at Taco Bell” story. Like, OMG WHAT A MESS, HE’S DRUNK AT A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!

But really, have you ever been to a Taco Bell sober? If you made a conscious choice to roll through a Taco Bell dead sober because you totally needed a Doritos Locos Taco, then YOU are probably the one with a problem.

Not Charlie Sheen, who was just exercising his right as a hammered American citizen to take part in the greatest drunk food ever.

There’s nothing weird, silly or strange about this video.

It’s just a drunk person at a Taco Bell, keeping it normal.

Watch the video below. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Charlie Sheen, drunk at a Taco Bell. Bonus: He rips his shirt off.