Charlie Sheen: Coming to a Town Near You!

March 8, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen: Coming to a Town Near You!

Charlie Sheen was photographed heading into the offices of Live Nation right after Warner Bros. announced that he had been fired.

Charlie clearly didn’t care that he's no longer the highest paid TV actor, because he was all smiles while walking with his goddesses. All Charlie cares about these days is winning, his goddesses and Tiger blood.

The good news is his crazy antics have made him more popular, which is why Live Nation gave him a contract for merchandising and licensing Charlie memorabilia. There may even be a Charlie tour a la Conan O'Brien in the future.

Joey Scoleri, Live Nation's Senior VP for Tour Marketing & Promotion, told E! News: "Being fired has only made him more popular because he is standing up for himself. He is a folk hero."

"We're hoping to have some of the items for sale as soon as next week. It's all coming together really quickly. He's got a lot of brilliant ideas."

Live Nation should hurry up on trying to milk Charlie Sheen while he’s still popular because people are bound to get bored and move on to the next mess.

In other Charlie news, Two and a Half Men will reportedly still pay him even if another actor replaces him. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t give a crap?

Charlie has a clause in his contract that states that he will get paid as long as the show is in production. But WB lawyers are still fighting to go around paying it.

Producers are yet to announce the future of the show, so we don’t know if it’s actually getting canceled or if they are going to replace him. Who do you think could fill Charlie's big shoes?