Charlie Sheen Calls Trashed Hotel Room Rumors 'Stupid'

June 27, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen Calls Trashed Hotel Room Rumors 'Stupid'

Back in 2011, reading a headline like “Charlie Sheen Trashes Hotel Room” would be as commonplace as a headline today that reads “Lindsay Lohan Gets In Car Accident.”

However, Charlie Sheen is newly reformed and any report that alleges otherwise is totally false.

Various reports surfaced Tuesday claiming Charlie had a loud “drugs and hooker” party at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC over the weekend and has been banned from the property and from any other Ritz-Carlton hotels.

Hollyscoop talked to Charlie at the FX Summer Comedy Party last night and he calls the rumors BS.

“Its just stupid,” Charlie tells Hollyscoop, “Its just totally beneath me to even comment on it. It’s just that people are so jealous. It’s like, ‘another comeback from this guy? Let’s just beat him while he’s down.’ I'm kind of bothered by that too, but who cares I'm here and they’re not, you know, period, the end, right?"

Charlie’s PR team are vehemently denying the claims.

Charlie’s rep Larry Solters tells TMZ that Charlie was merely having dinner at the hotel and says, “If you want to call ‘dinner with family and friends’ a party, so be it.”

Not only that, but the hotel staff is praising Charlie as a model citizen too!

“Charlie was here for three days. He looked so good. He was clean and sober and very friendly, and he left yesterday and his room was clean,” said a Ritz employee.

The source also adds that Charlie’s room was in “pristine condition.”

Pristine? Ok, that’s getting carried away. There’s got to be an ashtray and some dirty linens in the room somewhere.

The person staying in the room next to Charlie's also added that they heard no noises coming from his room at all, perhaps proving that Charlie hired the world’s most silent hooker, or it’s true that nothing went down in his hotel room at all.

Le sigh, whoever started this rumor was probably just pining for the “old Charlie” days, like in 2010 when Charlie literally trashed a room at The Plaza Hotel, breaking glass, ripping curtains and overturning tables.