Charlie Sheen: Brooke is Back on Drugs!

March 2, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen: Brooke is Back on Drugs!

Oh oh, here we go again! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are at war again, and this time it's Charlie claiming Brooke is a crackhead.

Last week Charlie, Brooke and his "goddesses" vacationed together in the Bahamas, but at some point Charlie sent Brooke back home. We all figured it was because she wasn't into doing porn-ish things with the other girls, but according to Charlie it was because she was smoking crack.

Charlie tells Radaronline that him and his girlfriend found a home made crack pipe, foil, spoons, drug residue and the 33-year-old driver's license which had been used to cut up lines of cocaine, in Brooke's bathroom.

Charlie, being the slick guy that he is, knew Brooke would pull a crazy move on him (like take his kids away) so he took a bunch of photos and has now shared them with Radar.

At this point Brooke can't even deny the allegations so a "friend" confirmed, "She has confirmed she was doing drugs recently, but has been sober for a week."

Showing Radar evidence Charlie said: "Look at what I'm protecting them (the kids) from, her lies, look at absolute chaos."

Everyone's jumping on the 'Charlie is a mess' bandwagon, but Brooke also has her problems. She's been to rehab at least five times for substance abuse and been arrested twice for DUI and damage to property in September of 1996. Later she was arrested for cocaine possession in March of 2001.

So are Charlie's twin boys better off with him and his "goddesses" or Brooke? You be the judge! Tell us your thoughts in the comments.