Charlie Sheen Breaks Silence: Story is Overblown

October 27, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Breaks Silence: Story is Overblown

Charlie Sheen does exactly see what the big deal is about getting caught naked at the Plaza Hotel with a hooker. He’s broken his silence on the debacle, calling it “overblown.”

In an interview with, Charlie said, “Oh my man, I’m fine.”

“The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario,” he continued via text message once returning to LA last night.

Charlie Sheen: Rehab? Who's Going to Rehab?
But that’s pretty much all Sheen would let on to. He said whatever really happened in his hotel room earlier this week will remain a secret. “I know what went down and that’s where it will stay... under wraps,” he said.

Luckily Sheen avoided jail time, and although he pretends he’s not going back to rehab, sources say he’s considering doing an outpatient program at Promises in Malibu.

"Charlie is heading back to rehab but he wants to do it quietly,” said an insider. “He may do it as an out-patient, which is what he did last time.

Charlie, Denise and His Escort Dined Together Last Night

“He basically sleeps at Promises and does what he wants during the day. That way he won't have to miss any work and he has his freedom."

Friends claim Charlie has been drinking and using drugs since he last left rehab two months ago. "Everyone who knows what happened is laughing at that. It's ridiculous. But Charlie is a big meal ticket for a lot of people.

"He's been getting drunk. He shouldn't be drinking at all. He was wasted at a party a little while ago and a lot of people saw him. He even went home with a hot actress.

"Charlie hasn't changed. He's been partying like he did before he went to rehab."

This guy has no reason to change—he’s on a hit show, has more money than God, and now doesn’t even have a wife to answer to…he’s not going to stop his ways unless he goes to a serious rehab for a long time. Obviously Promises is just a little too country club for Charlie Sheen!