Charlie Sheen Bombs in Detroit

April 3, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Bombs in Detroit

Charlie Sheen needs to come up with a new tagline because #winning isn't doing it anymore.

Charlie had his first stop on his Violent Torpedo tour last night in Detroit, and to put it nicely, he bombed!

People booed and walked out of his show 30 minutes into the mess.

He started it with a Q&A then his pal Simon Rex came out and rapped. Seriously, this happened. After he started playing clips from a network interview and ripping it apart, the crowd got ugly.

His next stop is in Chicago and they've only sold about half the seats so far. Judging by his performance last night, I bet the half that bought tickets won't even bother showing up.

Brokers that bought tickets are having a hard time selling them off. And thanks to his disastrous performance last night, looks like they're SOL too.